How Our Concrete Delivery Works

Concrete Now Providers are local experienced delivery businesses who can provide concrete for all types of residential, commercial and industrial concrete applications.  Our goal is to make it easier for both consumers and contractors to order concrete.  Order, pour and pay for exactly what you need. 

Concrete anytime, anywhere 

  • You pay only for concrete poured - you will get a printout at the end of pour that details how much was poured and the exact materials used.
  • There is no waste with volumetric concrete mixers - less water, less carbon - overall a more eco friendly process than the traditional barrel concrete mixer. 
  • Concrete Now Providers use volumetric concrete mixers which carry the materials to the job site in separate compartments and mix fresh on-site.  They are not limited to the same time constraints as traditional barrel mixers which have to pour 90 minutes from the time it is loaded at the batch plant. Volumetric mixers are mobile batch plants. 

Local concrete providers

Concrete Now Providers are local  business owners who have years of experience pouring concrete in your community. Our Providers must pass a selection process from the professionalism of mixer operators to their customer service. Your concrete order is a transaction between you and a local business, we know how important every concrete job is and they guarantee jobs done to your satisfaction. 

Before Ordering concrete 

  • Get the measurements for your concrete pour - use our calculator help figure this out. 
  • Prepare the area for the pour:
    • Contact a local contractor to prepare the area
    • Or if you are planning to do the preparation yourself contact your local home store to learn more about the base needed for your concrete. This will vary depending on soil, weight on poured area and weather and is important to do correctly for concrete that will last. 
  • Installation:
    • Can the mixer get directly to the area to pour? 
    • Or will you need to have wheelbarrows or a pump ready to transport the concrete? 
    • Are you placing the concrete yourself or do you need a professional to ensure a proper finish for your concrete? 

common questions about concrete & concrete delivery

  • What is the difference between concrete and cement?
    • Concrete is the final product comprised of sand, stone (aggregate), water, cement powder and air. 
    • Cement is a powdery substance made with calcined lime and clay. It is mixed with sand, gravel, and water to make concrete.
  • How has concrete been delivered for residential projects?
    • In the past the only way to get concrete that is professionally made  through a commercial mixer was to order through a barrel or drum truck service called ready mix.
    • A large barrel truck would deliver the concrete, however, the limitations of a barrel truck do not make it appealing for smaller residential projects. 
    • Barrel trucks tend to charge for at least 5 yards of concrete even if the project requires less. 
    • Barrel trucks are limited by time and distance because the material must be poured within 90 minutes of being put in the drum. So for example, if the truck is held up in traffic or the project site isn't quite ready this can hinder the quality of the concrete. 
    • Barrel trucks cannot change the mix design at the project site, whereas a Concrete Now provider who uses a volumetric concrete mixer is actually mixing it fresh at the site can adjust the output (slump) if needed. 
  • How do I order concrete?
    • Concrete Now has made it easy to order concrete for all types of projects such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, slabs, walkways and more. 
    • Enter your zip code on the homepage and then follow through the easy order process which includes selecting your PSI (the compression strength of concrete) based on the project you want to complete, input your measurements, upload pictures of the project site (optional) and schedule your time. 
    • It is really that simple. Concrete Now providers are local concrete delivery businesses who have extensive experience with all types of concrete and will ensure your project is to your satisfaction. 
  • How do I find concrete delivery companies near me? 
    • Concrete Now makes it easy to find professional concrete delivery businesses near you through our zip code or geo-targeting option for address delivery. 
    • Input your zip code to see if Concrete Now has concrete delivery companies in your area. 
    • Buy concrete online with the guarantee of quality for the job you need done.