How Our Concrete Delivery Works

Before Ordering Concrete

Once you are ready to order your concrete, here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

What do you need the concrete for?
The strength of concrete you need depends on what you plan to use it for - stairs, patio, driveway, sidewalk, etc. As you start your order process, you will have the option to pick which strength of concrete is needed. Ideas for various strengths of concrete will let you pick what best fits your project.

What day of the week do you want the concrete delivered?
Some concrete providers have an extra charge for outside of business hours or on the weekend.

How will you prep and finish your concrete?
You will be responsible for site preparation and finishing your concrete.

How will you (if needed) move the concrete to an area the concrete mixer cannot get to? (i.e. backyard patio with no driveway access)
Will the concrete mixer's chute reach directly into where the concrete needs to be placed, or do you need wheelbarrows? In the case of the latter, have two to three people or more ready to help. In especially hard-to-reach areas, you may need the additional help of a concrete pump, which carries with it extra cost.


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Get Ready To Order Concrete Tips

Pouring concrete and installing basic structures like a pathway or a basic patio is possible for the DIYer with the right preparation and attention to detail. However, it is important to make sure you set up your project properly and follow these key DIY tips when you do:

Get the right tools for your project
If you are planning on placing and finishing the concrete yourself, without the proper tools, the results of installation will be disastrous. Minimally, to properly deliver concrete and create a surface such as a patio you need the following: square mouth shovel, screed board, wooden float, steel trowel, edging tool, grooving tool, mallet or heavy hammer, level, and garden rake.

Time to cure
Concrete Now providers will tell you how long it will take to properly cure your concrete pour, keeping vehicles, people and objects off according to what they tell you will help ensure uniform concrete.

Clean up carefully
It is important that once you are done with a job to thoroughly rinse tools and wash out, wheelbarrows, and other areas that came in contact with the concrete. Designate a contained area that won't generate runoff and make sure to clean everything completely - removing wet concrete is simple, but dried concrete is a different story.

The Concrete Delivery Truck

  • Concrete Now providers use volumetric concrete mixers - the latest technology for mixing the highest quality concrete.
    • Concrete Now providers are all selected based on their high quality of concrete work and meet all certifications needed to produce maximum strength for each project.
    • You pay for only what you use - no waste like a barrel or drum truck. If you need 3.5 yards then that's what you pay for.
    • These concrete providers quite often have more flexibility than traditional ready mix trucks because they can do multiple jobs without returning to the concrete batch plant.
    • Concrete Now providers are not limited by 90 minutes like a barrel mixer, if they need to wait on your preparation, it may cost you a little more but you will have more flexibility on time.